I was born in Skopje, Macedonia in 1984. During my high school years I discovered my first passion – music – playing piano and keyboards in many bands. After a few years, when I was studying at Economic faculty I discovered my second passion – photography. Because of all those art expressions that I like, after I graduated at Economics faculty I went to Graphic design college. Since then I’m in conflict with these two passions. Usually I want to play music and photograph at the same time, but I still haven’t figured out how can I beat the laws of physics and do that in the two different places at the same time ((:.

At the beginning I started to photograph with a point and shoot camera. I photographed macro most of the time, because that camera was good only for macro. Half year later I bought my first D-SLR. I was still photographing macro but I started to experiment a little bit. For a short time I started to go to photo clubs and to learn more and more about photography. I started to photograph everything, from street, macro, landscape, portraits.. Later I was working as micro stock photographer and some other commercial photography. After some time I discovered that I enjoy the most landscape photography with all that nature around me. Also I love to travel and because of that I started to photograph all the places I go. Now I’m photographing landscape and travel most of the time.

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